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Your Holistic Coaching Journey :

ZenGuruz offers you an integrated learning platform to enable life Guruz from all walks of your life and provide seamless guidance to potential Seekers ( Students) to achieve transformation in all the 7 elements crucial to your holistic life journey.

These 7 Pillars of Life form the corner store of our ethos, values and vision

It is said that the number 7 is a spiritual prime, making it a constituent building block to help raise strong, positive, spiritual vectors in your life.

The Learning Journey


Increase Reach

  • Multimillion Database
  • Social Media platforms & Flipbook to connect you to potential Audience.
  • Get audiences for your Webinars, Masterclasses and Clarity Calls.
  • Delivering value to your seekers.

Leverage Community

  • Connect with . multiple coaches under your & associated specializations to learn from each other & upgrade your practice.
  • Connect to Subject Matter experts to enhance your coaching practice.
  • Irresistible offers to reduce your operating costs.

Systems & Automation

  • Email Marketing.
  • Lead Generation systems.
  • Automated Webinar systems
  • Learning Management systems
  • Coaching Meeting rooms
  • Payment Gateway & collection
  • Community Management
  • Upselling systems.

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